Whole30 Food Roundup 1

Whole30 Food Roundup 1

Since I survived my first week fairly successfully and have now made two rounds of lunches and dinners and 3 difference breakfasts. I figured it was time to share the recipes I’ve made so far with you all. So far I really think the key to a successful and pain-free Whole30 is the meal prep. It’s so much easier to accept that I’m eating these meals since they’re already made than if I was coming home to cook dinner after a day of eating compliant. I definitely don’t have the will power for that! 

For breakfasts I decided that I’d make 4 portions of each breakfast so the eggs weren’t sitting in the fridge too long. And so far they’ve all been frittatas. I just switched up the ingredients to keep things interesting! The first week I made bacon (Pederson’s sugar free bacon is one of the only compliant bacons out there), spiralized sweet potato and russet potato and eggs. Next I had spiralized russet potatoes, chicken sausage (Trader Joe’s spicy Italian is compliant) and eggs and finally I’m currently eating sweet potatoes, asparagus, onion, ground turkey and eggs. Super easy when you combine all ingredients in a baking dish or cast iron and bake until eggs are set. I love how convenient it is to switch out ingredients to change it up, but one thing that’s not changed is how I’ve topped each breakfast with hot sauce. Yum!

For my lunches and dinners I made 3 meals, 4 portions each, and I rotate these through 6 days. Depending on how this second cycle of 6 days go, I may adjust that for the meals I cook on Sunday since I was so sick of some of my meals by the 5th day. But that’s not because they weren’t delicious, for the record. It’s just because as I know I’ve mentioned before, I hate eating the same thing over and over again.

First up was this AMAZING Chili. Even without cheese and sour cream and tortilla chips I love to eat my chili with. I followed this recipe from Paleo Newbie and made a double batch. The second half is in my freezer for later this month! Don’t skip out on the No Sugar Added Plantains from Trader Joe’s if you love eating your chili with tortilla chips! Also, yes that is bacon and avocado on top. Made me miss the cheese a little less 😉

This is the one I got sick of, which is a shame because it was definitely delicious. If you’re not doing Whole30 this would be so good with some cheese and stuffed into a tortilla! But over cauliflower rice with some salsa was tasty as well. Be careful with your salsa, a lot of store bought salsa have non-compliant ingredients. I followed this recipe from NY Times and just left out the tortillas and cheese!

This one wasn’t a recipe, but something inspired by a pic I saw on social media. “Beef” balls are basically meatballs without any cheese or breadcrumbs, so just beef, spices, an egg, onion, and garlic. I baked them and they completely held together. So that’s a win! This salad also had hard boiled eggs, avocado, onion and a dressing made from red wine vinegar and olive oil. Super easy and delicious!

This is one that will be making a regular appearance in my life. It’s sooo freaking tasty. I threw ~1 lb of chicken into the crockpot, seasoned both sides with salt and pepper and then covered in hot sauce (Franks Red Hot original is whole30 compliant if you’re into that, sweet baby rays buffalo is my favorite normally). Cook on high 1:30-2 hours, check it at 1:30 so you don’t overcook! Shred the chicken and top with additional buffalo sauce. Meanwhile roast the sweet potato in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 mins. I tossed mine with olive oil, garlic salt and cayenne. Then top your sweet potatoes with the chicken and add avocado, red onion and more hot sauce if you like it spicy!

This beef enchilada bake is tasty but I’m convinced the recipe I followed added a lot of unnecessary work. I think you could just saute everything on the stove and it would taste very similar but the recipe has you bake it and while it kind of holds together like a casserole, at the same time it breaks apart really easy. I followed this recipe from Just Jesse B. Definitely top with avocado/guac and salsa!

This last one uses the “beef” balls from last week’s recipe with spaghetti squash and homemade spaghetti sauce. If you’re using store bought sauce, you have to be SUPER careful about added sugar. I topped mine with parsley and red pepper flakes and resisted the parm cheese.

Just a note: the first week I had two meals I didn’t end up eating during my pre- Whole30 meal prep that ended up being compliant. Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Chicken Burgers are compliant and great to have in a pinch. They’re delicious topped with salsa and avocado!

And that’s what my food looks like so far! On Sunday I’ll make the next round of meals. I’ll update again near the end of the month with the rest of my meals and also the outline of the meal plan I used in case it will help anyone!

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