Whole30 days 1-15

I’ve made it halfway! YAAAS. It’s not like I’ve been counting down the days or anything. All I can think about is PASTA. Just a big bowl of spaghetti, or penne or aannythinggg. I’ve also been dreaming that I ate non-compliant food and I’m so disappointed in my dream, and then I wake up realizing I’m still on track. I really think the fact that I’ve made it as far as I have, helps keep me motivated to keep going. I will say this is not easy, but it’s definitely not as hard as I expected it to be. Maybe because I told myself it would be the worst thing in the world so my expectations were really really low. The key is definitely plan out all of your meals, make an excel document and stick to it! That doesn’t mean you can’t change up a meal and replace it, but the structure helps so much. And of course that means you need to meal prep. Which helps temptation when you already have a meal that just needs to be heated up.

I was having a hard time coming up with changes I’ve felt so far, but after talking to Doctor Kelso I realized that there’s been a lot of changes in the last two weeks. A pair of pants I got for Christmas in my size (but business pants vs. jeans) didn’t button at Christmas, but I wore them yesterday comfortably when they did not fit comfortably two weeks ago!  I also think I’m sleeping more soundly, which if you know me is going to be one of the biggest benefits. We’ll have to see if this continues, if I can sleep through the night (or close to it) and feel more rested in the morning, this will totally all be worth it. Still waiting on the energy level increases but I’m not as drained as I normally am so that’s a plus for sure. In the first week and a half my face broke out like crazy, possibly from the detoxing but it seems to be clearing up much more than it has recently so I’m a huge fan of this. We don’t need to be battling acne at 28.

I’m looking forward to finishing these next two weeks and then trying to reintro the food groups I can’t currently eat. First up, definitely my whole grain pasta! Though I guess that could change in the next 15 days. I’ll post again at the end with more thoughts and how I plan on eating post Whole30 🙂 And I owe you more recipes, plus my meal plan!

If you’re interested I wrote a little bit about each day 🙂

  • Day 1: Following the timeline pretty closely, feeling great and probably delusional that this will be easier than I thought. Actually felt full between breakfast and lunch (~4 hours) which never happens especially at work. I even felt full between lunch and dinner, including a workout in there (~5.5 hours) but definitely was more hungry post workout. Didn’t snack though.
  • Day 2: Woke up with a headache, though that could be just a continuation of this week since this is my 4th day in a row with a headache. First big test came today when the office ordered Papa John’s pizza but other than the smell, it wasn’t too tempting and I just didn’t look at it too closely! A little hungry after dinner but just ate half of a compliant Lara Bar to hold me over until breakfast.
  • Day 3: My usual snack all night Friday and “treat yoself” weekend eating obviously didn’t start today but that was the only rough part, getting over those thoughts. Still feeling good about it. And of course starting to think ahead about how I can implement this in my normal life after the 30 days is up. (I think I need to reevaluate this again at the end of the 30 days.)

[I didn’t really feel the “Hangover” phase which was ideal since I was really nervous for this. I have headaches a lot and I was worried about these withdrawal headaches on top of my normal ones. I also read that how you feel these days directly correlates to how bad you eat in the days leading up to the Whole30. For the most part I ate pretty healthy, minus a meal or two out of the norm.]

  • Day 4: Overall good day, had my first experience trusting someone else with food/drink I was putting into my body. But it was just an Americano at Starbucks and after I confirmed 3 times that it was unsweetened I felt pretty good about it.
  • Day 5: Today I realized that the weekend is SUPER hard to be in the midst of Whole30. And I’m not just saying that because it’s Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not really too upset that I’m missing out on all the yummy foods that come along with watching the Super Bowl. But I was pretty bummed today about my Fajita dish and just couldn’t stomach it. Luckily I have an extra chili to replace tomorrow’s fajitas with so I don’t have to go through that again. On to the next day!
  • Day 6: My only struggle today was that it was our monthly meeting at the office where we have delicious bagels and I had to smell the everything bagel I wanted to eat while I ate my frittata. But I managed and pushed through. I was also VERY happy to make new food for the next few days.
  • Day 7: New food made this a good day, until I was so tired I couldn’t even attempt the workout I had planned and had to go to bed early. [Which fits into the mysterious calendar so perhaps I was on track here!]
  • Day 8: Started off the day with an iced Americano after the tiredness of the day before. Could not go through that again. Definitely a better day energy wise.
  • Day 9: It’s supposed to be “bloated time” and it’s super casual Thursday in my office so I can’t tell if I’m actually bloated, but I did wear a pair of jean leggings yesterday that are sometimes kind of tight and they felt fine so maybe I’m skipping this feeling.
  • Day 10: Today was was very stressful day at work and all I wanted was a bottle of wine and a box of cheez its. Or to reward myself for surviving with a pizza. And I could have none of the above so that was pretty sad. I had two different dreams about eating things I can’t eat and being so sad I need to start over. So funny to me that many Whole30 people have these dreams!
  • Day 11: Pretty uneventful day, grocery shopping for the next set of meals made me excited because I just love food. Reading ingredient lists is getting easier but I still second guess myself and google EVERYTHING.
  • Day 12: Cooking day! And Em came over while I meal prepped and I fed her the enchilada bake from my last post. She survived so I’ll take that as a win!
  • Day 13: Another pretty uneventful day, I started telling myself I was halfway at this point even though I’m a couple days early.
  • Day 14: Valentine’s Day… if I had a bigger sweet tooth (or any sweet tooth) this probably would have been a hard day, but for the most part it didn’t seem too bad. I did just want a piece of chocolate or again to reward myself for loving myself with something delicious. I don’t think a banana was as exciting of a reward.
  • Day 15: ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS PASTA. But actually. Also today we went out to lunch as an office which was my first restaurant test. I could only order steamed broccoli and a side salad with no cheese or croutons and with oil and vinegar. It was pretty funny to me when they tried to pick the restaurant based on what I could eat this month, instead of my boss who is vegan. Him and I both had very particular orders so my coworkers definitely got a kick out of that!

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