Whole30 Food Roundup 2 and My Meal Plan

Whole30 Food Roundup 2 and My Meal Plan

Tomorrow is officially the end of my Whole30. I can’t even believe how fast it’s gone, and yes I’m still craving pasta! Before I give a full breakdown on the second half and my thoughts going forward I wanted to give you the rest of the recipes I ate this week. As well as my meal plan in case it’ll be inspiration for anyone who wants to attempt their own Whole30.

Spaghetti Squash Crusted Quiche — It’s kind of hard to tell but this quiche has a spaghetti squash crust. And it was kind of weird at first but by the second day I was loving it. I loosely followed this recipe but I used prosciutto, broccoli rice and eggs. I would suggest either baking the spaghetti squash strands with no filling to form more of a crust OR you can do what I did and lightly saute the finished pieces before eating them to eliminate the soggy crust. Spaghetti squash has a lot of moisture so you have to do one of those two unless you’re okay with the mushiness.

Green chili chicken over cauliflower rice — I didn’t take any pics of this because it wasn’t pretty and wasn’t my favorite but it has potential so I think my weird picky brain just didn’t like it. I followed this recipe and used Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde and put it over riced cauliflower.

Jalapeno Burger with sweet potatoes — despite the burgers not sticking together very well, the flavor was there and this was one of my favorite recipes this month. Especially topped with avocado and a fried egg! I followed this recipe.

Steak Salad with avocado and hard boiled eggs — I followed a similar set up as I did earlier this month and just switched out the meatballs (beef balls 😉 ) for steak. Topped with red wine and olive oil. Easy and delicious!

Spaghetti squash with ground turkey crockpot sauce — Ok my menu lies, instead of meatballs I actually made a double batch of meat sauce. Just saute ground turkey (or ground beef) and throw it into your crock pot, then you can follow this recipe (excuse the lack of pics, I still haven’t gone back to fix them) and throw the remaining ingredients in the crock pot and you’re all set. Just be careful with spice mixes, some of them have soy and sugar added. Also obviously leave out the grape jelly or sweetener in my original recipe. That is not allowed 🙂 I also added roasted eggplant to this dish to bulk it up a little.

Buffalo Chicken Egg Bake with sweet potatoes and broccoli rice — this was so good and didn’t feel weird at all eating buffalo chicken for breakfast. I added broccoli rice and spiralized my potatoes (neither cooked) and loosely followed this recipe other than leaving out the ghee.

Taco salad with hemp seed chipotle dressing — I accidentally made my salad so spicy the first night that I had tears streaming down my face. WHOOPS. I blame the dressing combined with sliced jalapenos that I didn’t de-seed. Living life on the edge over here. I’m not a huge cilantro fan so I skipped that in the dressing recipe and added chiptole in adobo sauce in place of the chipotle seasoning. Just follow this recipe, and you won’t be sorry! And the hemp seeds are totally worth splurging on. The dressing was so creamy, I’ll definitely be using those in other recipes.

Chicken Sausage with roasted potatoes and Oil-free avocado spinach pesto — You’ve already seen this dish from my pesto post but its a super simple compliant recipe that is delicious with an egg 😉 Plus like I mentioned in my pesto post, I have an entire other week’s worth of pesto in my freezer now.

Marinated Steak with roasted potatoes, asparagus and peppers — I marinated my steak in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper for about 6 hours and then cooked to the perfect medium rare in a cast iron skillet. I made this dish for my dad and Maria since they came to visit and I didn’t want to attempt going out to a restaurant while on the Whole30. They loved it!

Ground Pork Frittata with Sweet potato and broccoli rice — frittatas are seriously so easy on the whole30, this one I sauteed ground pork with garlic powder, paprika, onion powder, salt and pepper then added it to a dish with 10 beaten eggs, spiralized sweet potato and broccoli rice. Baked about 30 mins until eggs are set.

This last week I’ve repeated the Crock Pot chili since I made a double batch back in week one and that buffalo chicken with sweet potatoes and avocado since it was my fave!

I just used a Google doc to keep track of my meals, not only to plan out the month but it also helped to reference during the week so I didn’t eat all of one meal and then get stuck eating the same meal for lunch and dinner the day before cooking. I also think it’s helpful to have some compliant foods (like the Trader Joe’s Chicken Lime Burger) for quick easy meals in case you get bored of what you planned or you want to switch up your meal plan which is totally what I did in this last week.

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