A Hole Lotta ‘Bout Me

I’m Katie, a self proclaimed foodie living the life of a picky eater. Cooking my own food and finding new recipes has helped me branch out from the pickiness a little bit, because I’ll try things at least once! I love cooking because I can add and subtract things to get the recipe full of things that I love to eat. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a weird eater, the things I actually like sometimes are weird foods to normal people especially compared to the things that I dislike (Thanksgiving dinner).

Now my crazy dinner creations are what get me through boring days. I loooove cooking for friends/family, myself, random strangers off the street (kidding). In the past year I have started paying more attention to what I’m eating and trying to add some of the so called healthy foods into my diet. I found that eating closer to the serving sizes of foods actually filled me up. But as healthy as I start eating, or substituting in recipes for something a little healthier, I refuse to compromise with cheese. Some (most) days every single meal I eat during the day has some amount of cheese in it. Cheese is too amazing to skimp on, because who wants to live in a world without cheese. Definitely not me. I will warn that for the most part I do not follow recipes and I rarely measure ingredients. I’ll look at a recipe and then I just wing it and make it work.

I’ve upgraded camera phones from the iPhone to the Galaxy S5 (the camera is a billion times better) recently and I’ve been working on getting the best pictures I can from my phone. Slightly difficult when most of my recipes are made after work where there is zero natural light left, especially in the fall/winter months. I’ve been talking about starting a blog (or a food show some days) for years but I’ve always been hesitant because I don’t have a lot of background ramblings to share and as I mentioned I’m not the best recipe follower. Which, btw, is one of the reasons you won’t find too many baking recipes on here (and also I’m pretty sure I don’t have a sweet tooth at all). Feel free to ask me how I made something if I’m not specific enough!

When I’m not cooking you’ll probably find me reading or watching marathons of Law and Order SVU and/or Food Network. I love all the competitive shows on Food Network. However, all the previous options go out the window if its Sunday during football season (especially that team from Philadelphia that I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with).

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14 thoughts on “A Hole Lotta ‘Bout Me”

  • Sorry you have missed my comments in the past, I have been very impressed with your accomplishments. Each time I can’t believe how vast your eating habits have changed.

  • Hi Katie,

    Welcome to #TDCLBlogtober14! I’m Erica from atastyjourney.com. I love the name of your blog. Its descriptive and fun all at the same time. I love the honesty and transparency of your about me page. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you a bit and I have an idea of what to expect when reading your blog. And while I certainly understand and appreciate the self-deprecating humor, don’t sell your kitchen creativity or photography skills short. You are awesome and have a point of view to share. Toot your own horn! Looking forward to following your blog.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words! This started off as a blog that I didn’t really know how far it goes and you’re right now that its much more serious I should pat myself on the back! Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to checking out your blog now!!

  • Hi Katie! I am popping by via DC Ladies. I’m a food blogger too – and I share your love of cheese! I love that I get a sense of your personality from your description – and I think that a lot of home cooks can relate to that. I think we all hate to measure!

    If you want to punch it up a bit – I think I’d include something about YOU – not just about food. I know I like to connect with the people who write the blogs I like the most, and those little “nuggets” help.

    • Hi Erin! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂 I can’t wait to check out your blog as soon as I finish typing this! I just opened the link and saw your little blurb about being a book worm and realized that its the perfect thing to say about me too! If I’m not cooking, I’m definitely reading! Makes it a little easier to add those tidbits like you suggested when I have some place to start. You’re absolutely right though, it makes it much more fun to read someone’s blog when you know those little details!

  • Hi Katie!

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m also a big cheese fan! I look forward to trying out some of your recipes/food ideas.

    Happy blogtober!

  • Your Blog is awesome. I follow it regularly and have enjoyed trying your delicious creations. Everything is better with cheese. Thanks for making it healthy for me and others!

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