Cheesy Ham and Spinach Puff Pastries

It only seemed right to post this ham recipe this week! Since it’s the holidays and sometimes people have ham around this time, you might be looking for a new and delicious way to use up that leftover ham and since I had that same […]

Pork Chop Tacos with Guacamole

Taco Tuesday here again! But this time I decided to combine my never ending search for more pork chop recipes with Taco Tuesday. I have insta to thank for that instead of Pinterest this time though!

Creamy Lemon Mustard Pork Chops

I promise I have not abandoned you! I feel like I haven’t been home for dinner at all recently, and if I have been its one that I’m whipping up really quick while exhausted. I’m thinking after Thanksgiving is over I’ll be able to get […]

Dijon Caramelized Onion Topped Pork Chops

    I was feeling a little bit lazy last night. Not completely lazy since I made dinner, did laundry (didn’t fold or put away my laundry but I did make my bed back up with clean sheets so that’s a win!), made┬álunch for today […]

Feta and Spinach Pork Chops

  I bought a pretty new plate at Bed Bath and Beyond thanks to a gift card from my Momma for my birthday and after the above picture I know it was totally worth it! It makes my yummy pork chop look as good as […]

Feta and Veggie Topped Pork Chops

Holy crap was this an amazing dinner. I have officially spoiled myself. Any time I eat a meal that’s just average I am beyond disappointed. Which isn’t really surprising since the majority of the recipes I’ve tried lately have tasted like the best thing I’ve […]

Pesto Caprese Pork Chops

I’m currently watching Chopped. Its been on since I started cooking dinner and I haven’t been paying too close of attention. But I just decided that I could never be on that show. Cooking something I’m not familiar with is not the good kind of […]

Pan Seared Lemon Pork Chops

Two nights in a row of hesitating in posting my dinners. I already have the next three days covered with recipes too so its not like I’m slacking! I was going to skip this post because it was so simple and I just threw it […]

Pan Fried Pork Chops

  No, I didn’t make pork chops at the office for lunch today. This post is a little bit delayed. I had the crazy idea I should go to Kelsey’s half marathon training with her last night. Crazy because it was a lot more running […]

Basil Garlic Pork Chops

Has anyone noticed I haven’t made a chicken dish lately? I noticed this morning, and now I’m trying to figure out why. I have chicken in the freezer, so that’s not it. I thought it was because I was eating pesto chicken salad at least […]